Download Tally Barcode Solution - Label Printing | Barcode | Tally.ERP9

Give the power of barcode to your tally/excel.

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● Screen Shots:
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Features of Barcode Solution : 

1. Custom Barcode Label Size Options.

2. Print Barcode Labels of items group-wise, category-wise all together 
    or print individual item labels.

3. Get the number of barcode labels from opening balance 
    or set the number of labels manually.

4. Easy to use, and comes with pre-configured settings.

5. Option, to Print different Manufacturer/Supplier Name on each Item. 

6. User can set Starting Position from where the barcode labels are to
    be printed on the sheet, hence stopping wastage of labels.

7. Password to prevent un-authorized usage barcode label printing.

8. Option to Print a Label without the company Name.

9. Option to Print Item Description on Barcode Label, instead of its name.

TCP Feautures for Customised Tally

1. Automatic Generation Of Barcode Numbers

2. Option to Enter Item MRP in item master.

3. Option to Enter Item Manufacturer in item master.

More On Software : 

In retail sector, the overall success of a business depends upon the organization and management of the various products and goods and inventory control refers to the supervision of the supply, storage and accessibility of items to ensure an adequate supply. To maintain accurate stock and inventory tracking, these industries rely upon barcode software.

Simple to use yet effective Tally Barcode Software provides an automated way to create business level barcodes of user preferred style and look. 

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